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International Volunteer Day 2006 December 7, 2006

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December 5th was declared as International Volunteer Day by the United Nations General Assembly in 1985. The first International Volunteer Day was celebrated in l986 by dozens of countries. Activities ranged from clean-up campaigns and round table conferences to competitions and exhibitions.

In Australia, International Volunteer Day has been designated as a day for the recognition of volunteer involvement, a day in which organisations can thank their volunteer staff.
The Oberon CTC is lucky to have the following volunteers:

Ron Lardner – Oberon CTC

Ron has been a volunteer for the Oberon CTC since before the centre first opened it doors. Ron helped put the submission together that succeeded in Oberon gaining a CTC, he was around to help arrange the opening and maintain the community’s interest in the CTC.

Ron has assisted with helping local community members with maintaining their computers. Ron is well known in the community as ‘that guy that can tweak my computer and show me how to keep up to date. – which he does with the minimum of fuss and always with a smile.

Ron runs one of the most popular courses at the CTC – digital photography, the waiting list starts building for his next course before he has finished that one! As well as digital photography, Ron has run courses on computer security and maintaining your computer. Ron has also help organized courses on MS Access using a lecturer from Sydney.

Every Thursday afternoon the Advanced Computer Users group meets at the CTC. Ron has co-ordinated this group from the outset. The group covers the whole range of activities from installing a graphics card to using the latest release of some software.

The Oberon CTC also has a weekly column in the local newspaper, which for the last 3 years Ron as composed.

Ron keeps the CTC “humming along” and we appreciate all his time he puts into the centre, whether it is running a course or helping put up the Xmas decorations!

Maree Arrow

Maree is a volunteer tutor at the Oberon CTC. She takes most of the 1-1 tutorials as well as running some small group courses on MS Word and MS Excel. Her patience and skill is much appreciated by all her pupils. Maree is very flexible in when she can meet her pupils and a pupil can complete a course in one week, or it may be spread over many weeks.

Lynne Agland

Lynne has been the support person for the family history group that meets every Monday at the CTC. The family history group came out of one seniors week activity many years ago, and Lynne has been there from the start. Her knowledge of family history research and where to look and what to ask for has been invaluable. Come along any Monday to see Lynne in action!

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