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A lesson for us all! April 13, 2007

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With our first in a series of free Cyber Safety courses now completed and our next course due on 2nd May 2007 we would like bring to your notice the true story about the technician who inadvertently formatted the hard-driver on the computer belonging to the Alaskan Department of Revenue thus, deleting all payment records to the value of US$38Billion. What you may not have heard is that like all good businesses the Alaskan Department of Revenue had a Back-up, or so they thought. Yes, they did have a Back-up strategy in place however, because the Back-up was done automatically no one bothered to check the reliability of the data. You guess it! The Back-up was corrupted and after many hours of work with the assistance of experts from Microsoft and Dell the worse case scenario was realised, the data was gone. The lost data represented nine months worth of information gathering, and the only way to get it back was to re-enter over 300 boxes of paperwork. Suffice to say, the Alaskan Department of Revenue now has a new Back-up system, which itself is backed-up to another computer at a remote location, and both back-ups are now checked regularly to ensure their reliability. Backing-up one’s important data is the least thought about security procedure however, individuals, SOHO (Small Office Home Office), Businesses,  Government Departments etc., who do not have a back-up strategy in place, are courting disaster. If you take our advice and implement a back-up procedure “DO NOT” store your back-ups on site, remember thief, fire or flood will not discriminate. Store them off-site.   

New Digital Camera Class Proposed:
For the Digital Camera enthusiasts, we are proposing a new course/class on “How to use a Digital Camera” and it’s specifically designed for those who would like to know how to take that “perfect” picture. It’s all about the camera and you. For more details please contact Lynne Causer at the Information Centre (6336-0666).  

New Course: How to use a computer
If you have never used a computer before this is the course for you. You will work at your own pace (starting from the very beginning) under the guidance of our knowledgeable staff. This course will be conducted on each and every Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm, cost $5/2Hours. However, it is essential that you register as places are limited. So, Mums, Dads and Grandparents this is a great opportunity for you to catch-up with the youngsters and show them that you too know what computers are all about.  

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