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CTC Clubs May 31, 2007

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Many individuals and businesses within the Oberon Community and surrounding region either know about or have attended one of our many specialised computer courses or one of our weekly computer SIG (Special Interest Group) clubs. However, besides this array of courses and clubs the CTC can also provide assistance to those who have software problems. Why just software and not hardware? The CTC can not afford to carry all the necessary resources to repair computer hardware. However, we do have the necessary resources and knowledge to assist people with their software problems.

Our weekly computer clubs are held on three afternoons a week i.e. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Tuesday it’s the PC Beginners Club for those who may not own a computer, but wishes to gain a little knowledge before purchasing one. Wednesday’s its the PC Users Club for those who own a computer, but wish to know more about how to use various programs and the Internet, including email. Thursday’s is the PC Forum for those who have a working knowledge of computers, but who would like to add to that knowledge. Also, if you wish to attend any of these weekly clubs and you happen to own a Laptop or Notebook computer and you would feel more comfortable using it, please feel free to bring it along. 

In addition, to the computers clubs we also have two other unique Special Interest Groups. On Monday afternoons (1.30pm to 3.30pm) we have Genealogy and on Thursday evenings (6pm to 8pm) it’s all about how to use a Digital Camera.

So, if you are new to computers or if you need a little more encouragement just contact the CTC and book a place in one of our weekly SIG or clubs. Remember, if you wish to learn even more you can always move up a class or apply to have one-on-one lessons. 

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