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Email Attachments September 19, 2007

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To open email attachments you must have the appropriate program or viewer installed on your computer. In this instance “appropriate program” means having the same program which created the attachment installed on the recipient’s computer.  

  • When it comes to emails there are two basic principles you should abide by when preparing attachments i.e. format and size.
  • Remember, not everyone has access to a high-speed Internet Service.
  • Some people still only have dialup, which can take between 5 to 8 minutes to download 1MB, if their lucky.
  • The formats for email attachments are Microsoft Word, PDF (Portable Document Format) and JPEG for images/photographs.
  • Each of these formats has the ability to produce small files. For example, 1-page word document is about 40K. A PDF file can be slightly larger depending upon the number of images it may contain and JPEG files can be as small as 20K, which means a 1-page word document containing two images can be as small as 80K. Plus, JPEG images can be viewed by the image editor within your operating system.
  • But, why are Microsoft Word and PDF the preferred formats for email attachments? Answer, with over 80% world-wide usage Microsoft Word has become the defacto word-processing standard, and likewise, PDF when it comes to producing government and business forms.
  • To reinforce their positions and to enable people to read email attachments Adobe and Microsoft make available for free both their Adobe Reader and MS-Word Viewer 2003. But, remember, these two programs will only allow you to view, print and copy document content to another program. They will not allow you to edit an open document or create a new document, for that, you will need to purchase the full program i.e. Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office, which includes Word plus several other programs.
  • However, there are alternatives to Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Products, which can be downloaded from the Internet for free, programs like PrimoPDF and OpenOffice, just to name two. If you would like to learn more about emailing, email attachments and how to modify images plus other exciting email options, please accept our invitation to partake in one of our weekly (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoon) computer classes.

 Next week’s article will cover Microsoft’s new FREE program Windows SteadyState, which might be the ultimate parent-control solution for homes with a single computer.

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