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Home & Small Office Guide to PC Security and Good Housekeeping November 8, 2007

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The Oberon CTC is preparing a 12-page booklet titled “Home & Small Office Guide to PC Security and Good Housekeeping.” This booklet provides the average computer user with a good outline on what is required to keep his/her computer as free as possible from software malfunctions and malicious code. This booklet is not intended to be the definitive answer to all computer problems. It is however, an excellent guide on what we all should be able to do on a daily and weekly bases to keep our computers functioning, as smooth and efficient as possible.

The CTC booklet cover things like what is the recommended amount of RAM you should install with your Windows Operating System. How configure and set-up an Internet Connection. What are the software requirements to prevent malicious infections and what other precautions one should take? It also lists some of the best security programs available, and where to source and review additional programs, and most importantly, how to recognise an infection. Most of the information contained in this CTC booklet may appear to be aimed at the average computer user, but for the advanced user we have included information on the more powerful diagnostic tools from Microsoft.

In summary, this new booklet will always be a work in progress, because the Information and Communications Technology Industry itself is a work in progress, and as such, we will be periodicity updating the booklet as necessary. You can obtain a copy of the CTC “Home & Small Office Guide to PC Security & Good Housekeeping” booklet by spending $5 or more at the CTC or by attending one of our weekly computer classes or by a gold coin donation. 

Tip: How do you make a 4, 8, 12 page or more booklet using MS-Word? First, write your (A4) document as normal on 4, 8, or 12 pages adding images or logos and positioning them as you require. When completed go to “File-Page Setup” click on the multi-page arrow and choose “book fold”, and almost immediately you will have a second option appear “sheets per booklet”. Choose 4, 8, 12 pages or more as per your original document. Now, highlight the whole document and reduce the font size to match the look and positioning of your original A4 document. If it does not exactly match you can re-arrange the contents to give it a better prospective (reducing margins etc.). Once you are happy go to “File – Print”, and if your printer does have an auto-duplex function tick the “manual duplex” box and then press OK. Almost immediately a message box pops-up telling you to press OK once the first printing lot is completed. However, before you do this, you must re-arrange your first print-lot by putting it back into the paper tray of your printer in the right orientation, so that, it will print the second lot of pages in the right sequence and position. Now you have your new Booklet!    

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