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International Volunteers Day – 5th December November 8, 2007

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The 5th December 2007 is Volunteer’s Day and the Oberon Community Technology Centre (CTC) with the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) and the Oberon Council would like to say thankyou by holding an afternoon tea (starting at 2pm) for all the Volunteers in the Oberon area. It is only a small thing that we are doing by having this afternoon, but it is very important that we all acknowledge the major contribution volunteers give to our community.   


The CTC has been extremely busy over the past few weeks fixing customer’s computers that have had software problems. However, the other question we are most often asked by those who bring in their computer’s for this service is: “Can you save my files?” It appears the most important housekeeping function i.e. backing-up our important data onto external media (CD, DVD or other media) and storing it in a safe place is not being done. Remember, if you suffer a real serious crash (like a hard drive failure) your chances of recovering your data can be zero or if it can be recovered, it may required the services of a Forensic Software Recovery Specialist and that’s expensive. So, if you wish to save yourself time, money and grief get into the habit of backing-up your data weekly or daily.


Last week we told you how to make a multi-page booklet using Microsoft Word (2002, 2003 or 2007), but did you know that you can also use this exact same method to product greeting cards and or invitations.


Tips: This week’s tip is for the new computer user and it’s about moving files from one location to another using either the “Shift” and or “Ctrl” key. For example let’s say you wish to move ten files from the “My Documents” folder to another folder. If the ten files are sequential all you need to do is; using your mouse left-click on the first file and then holding down the “Shift” key while left-clicking on the last file. You will notice all ten files are highlighted. Now, using your mouse left-click (and hold down the mouse button) on any of the ten highlighted files and drag them to the new location. To move 10 random files simply hold down the “Ctrl” key and using your mouse left-click on the files you wish to move and once they are highlighted drag them to the new location. One very important point, when you go to click on the highlighted files to move them if you use the left mouse button you will move the files from one location to another as per our tip. But, if you use the right mouse button to move the files you will be offered four options “Copy Here, Move Here, Create Shortcut Here or Cancel”, the choice is yours.      

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