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Humour and Technology! January 23, 2008

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Humour is not a subject one would automatically associate with technology, but when it happens, it allows the underlining truth and cynicism to shine through. Like in the article written by Conrad Walters for the Sydney Morning Herald (January 14, 2008), in which he lists the ten (10) things that won’t change (technology wise) in 2008.

  1. Google will still have access to more information about you than your mother has.
  2. The DVD drive on your computer will still be ideal for holding your first cup of coffee while Windows Vista loads.
  3. Internet filters will still require children to help their parents view the websites they want.
  4. Spammers will still exploit the inverse relationship that exists between IQ and greed.
  5. Social networking sites will still be the best place for identity thieves to refine their craft.
  6. People will still visit ”Second Life” trying to discover if there’s something to do other than to see if there’s something to do.
  7. YouTube will still be the definitive source for guidance on how to train cats to flush a toilet.
  8. Mobile phone will still come with a choice of 200 ring tones, none of which anyone wants. 
  9. Broadband in rural Australia will still involve paper cups and string.
  10. Video iPod users will still squint into a postage-stamp screen and convince themselves they’ve enjoyed watching something.

At the CTC we are often asked; “What is the best way for a beginner to learn all about computers?” The most important thing a beginner needs is “Time and Patience”. Too many people try to do too much too quickly, and as a consequence, they become frustrated and lose interest very quickly.

  • The first thing a computer beginner should do is purchase a good reference book on the subject, like the famous yellow covered book “Computers for Dummies” published by IDG Books. This book gives you good information about the subject and the terminology in a jocular manner thus, making the learning process more enjoyable.
  • Second, do a computer course for beginners, and remember to take a pad and pencil and take notes.
  • Third, practise again and again what you have learnt.
  • Fourth, ask questions, remember, there are no silly questions when it comes to computers.
  • Five, always remember the first key point; “If you try and do too much too quickly you will become frustrated and lose interest”.     

Technical Services Guide: As we wrote last week, the CTC is hoping to produce a free Technical Services Guide for the people of Oberon and the surrounding area, and therefore, if you or your company provides a service i.e. installing, servicing or repairing computers, networks, software, accessories or other high-tech home entertainment devices like Plasma or LCD televisions, Digital Set-top Boxes or any other related service people need to know who you are and how to find you. If you would like to be in our free Technical Services Guide please send us an email (ctc_oberon@yahoo.com.au ) outlining your expertise, contact details, including any benefits you may offer pensioners or holders of the NSW Seniors Card and we will include you in our guide.

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