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Technical Services! January 23, 2008

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Technology whether it be computers, software, accessories or other High-Tec devices like Plasma or LCD Televisions or Digital Set-top Boxes people need to know who can install and service them, and therefore, the Oberon CTC is hoping to produce a Technical Services Guide which lists all individuals and companies within Oberon and the surrounding area who are able and willing to provide such services. This Technical Services Guide will be made available for free to all who visit the CTC/VIC. If you would like to be in our Technical Services Guide please send us an email (ctc_oberon@yahoo.com.au) outlining your expertise, the service(s) you provide, contact details, including any addition benefits you may offer holders of the NSW Seniors Card and we will put you in our guide.

This week saw the recommencement of our weekly computer classes for 2008 i.e.

  • Monday (Genealogy) 1:30pm to 3.30pm,
  • Tuesday (Computers for Beginners) 1:30pm to 3.30pm
  • Wednesday (Internet and Email) 2pm to 4pm and Thursday (software and devices) 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

All of our weekly computer classes are priced at $5/2hours. So, if you have ever thought about learning more about computers, software and other related technologies, there is no better place to start than at your local Community Technology Centre (CTC).

Many experts believe this year will be the year in which we will see many more people in Australia (mainly children) taking up technology especially with the continuation of the Australian Broadband Connect Program, plus the implementation a FTTN and the newly devised policy of the incoming Federal Government where every child will have access to a computer. However, the underlining pressure these policies will bring will mainly fall upon parents. Today, parents must be more vigilant than ever when it comes to children having access to the Internet and mobile phones, because of cyber & phone bullying, identify thief and other not so nice activities happening in chat rooms. That said, for many parents this is more than a challenge, especially if they are not familiar with the technology and how it can be used, or abused. This year the CTC will be offering (daytime & evening) classes for parents and grandparents who would like to be brought up to speed with the technology and how best to ensure the safety of others in their care. If you would like to be advised about when these classes will commence, please register by telephoning the CTC (6336-0666).

Seniors Week: NSW Seniors Week celebrates 50 years and this year it will be held on 6th to 13th April and once again your CTC will be providing a full week of free classes and seminars on the benefits available to seniors. More details about what the CTC will be providing will be published in this column over the next few weeks.

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