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Bathurst and Orange Visitors March 6, 2008

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A few weeks back we had some interested visitors form Bathurst and Orange who came to Oberon to see how our Community Technology Centre was organised and managed. The Bathurst and Orange people were directed to the Oberon CTC by the CTC@NSW organisation, because in their opinion, the Oberon CTC was one of the most efficient and most professional run CTC in the state because it had the full support of the Oberon Council, the local community and it was managed by a highly qualified IT specialist with the support of volunteers, who themselves, have a wealth of knowledge and experience in various aspects of IT. Our visitors were very impressed with our Computer Training Room, our two small meeting rooms and our well equipped Conference Room.

In addition, our visitors were also impressed in the way the CTC and the Visitors Information Centre work together for the benefit of both the local community and tourists. Tourists use the CTC as an Internet Café not only to send and receive emails, but also to communicate orally and visually (using MS-Windows Instant Manager or Skype) with family and friends back home. They also used the CTC services to book additional accommodation and Air-Fares to other parts of Australia. One other aspect of the CTC which also impressed our visitors was in the way our volunteers were able to help local community members with their computer problems, software updates, and in some cases, hardware upgrades. I should also mention, on a quiet week, the CTC would have two (2) to six (6) computers brought in for servicing. 

For those who may not know your CTC now has ten (10) late model Dell computers configured with Windows Vista Ultimate, four (4) computers configure with Windows XP Professional SP2, one (1) computer configured with Ubuntu Linux and all are connected to our high-speed Internet service.

Genealogy: Lynn Agland on Monday of this week gave me a run-down on what she and her family history group are doing when it comes to storing their family history data on to computer or on to an external media. I must say, I was amazed when I see how proficient those involve were at sharing and storing their data, and not only were they using different software, but they were also using upwards of four or more different data-bases. This demonstrated to me that when you are involved in such an interest like Genealogy, just how much over time ones computer skills can develop.

During the week I was asked when would we be holding our next Digital Photography course and would children be welcomed. First, we have not age limitations on who can come and partake of any of the services or courses, which we provide, and second, hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have news about when our next Digital Photography course will be held, so please say tuned.

CTC Usage: Over the past fortnight we had 35 tourist and community members used the Internet, 72 community members attended sessions at the CTC, 13 community members visited Bathurst Employment/CWR, five computers with software problems fixed, plus we did one house-call only because it was extremely important that this particular computer was up and running as soon as possible. Please note: the CTC no longer does house-calls because of legal issues and the need to have access to the Internet and that’s best done at the CTC.  

For more information about all our weekly activities, upcoming courses and other important happenings during 2008 please visit our blog (https://ctcoberon.wordpress.com).         
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