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Excel & MYOB Courses March 6, 2008

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Special classes: the CTC will be running classes on MS-Excel and MYOB in conjunction with CWCC (Central West Community College) in the very near future and if anyone is interested in doing one or both of these courses, please drop in or phone the CTC and leave your contact details and we will be in touch once dates and times have been finalised.

Last Wednesday Julie Stott was ill with a dreaded summer cold and she had to stay home in bed, which meant, those community members who take Julie’s weekly class had to work without her guidance. However, with the CTC using online tutorials each member of Julie’s class knew exactly what to do. Online tutorials are an excellent place to start learning the basics of computing. However, once the members reach a certain level of expertise more in depth material will then delivered by the course presenter. Remember, the CTC weekly computer classes are conducted in such a way that each participant is allowed to work at his/her own place under the guidance of the class supervisor (i.e. Lynn Agland, Maree Arrow, Julie Stott or myself).

If you would like to use an online tutorial to improve your own basic knowledge, in the privacy of your home, one of the best places to start is with Microsoft Digital Library Productivity Programs. But, remember it will be much easier to learn and have various concepts explained when you are in a class environment. Start by pointing your browser at (http://www.microsoft.com/about/corporatecitizenship/citizenship/giving/programs/up/digitalliteracy/default.mspx). The goal of Digital literacy is to teach and assess basic computer concepts and skills so that people can use computer technology in everyday life to develop new social and economic opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities.

For those of you who are interested in Digital Photography both Canon and Fujifilm are about to release several new cameras. For example, Canon has a new entry level SLR digital camera, the 12.2 megapixel E0S4500 which is pitched at users upgrading to their first SLR. Although it can be set to full manual mode it also comes with plenty of help for SLR first-timers, with automatic modes such as Sport and Portrait. And from Fujifilm comes the F50fd a Compact 12 megapixel camera that offers low-noise high ISO sensitivity thanks to a new generation of Fuji’s Super CCD HR sensor. The F50fd comes with a wealth of features that puts this camera in a class of its own.

Misunderstanding: A telephone tech-support person was trying to help a customer who was have trouble turning his computer on. The tech-support person asked the customer if all the cables we plug-in. The customer replied; all the cables were at the back of the computer and he was unable to see if they were all plug-in because they experiencing a power-outage.        

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