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Easter March 2008! March 13, 2008

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  • This week most of our weekly classes will be doing projects related to Easter and the websites we will be visiting are appropriate for the whole family, not just the children.
  • For example, at www.eastershow.com.au you can buy tickets online, get programs and plan your trip to the Royal Easter Show.
  • Then at www.easterbilby.com.au you can send an animated Easter card featuring the endangered Australian bilby, and access games and project material.
  • At www.easterbilby.info/default.html you can listen to the wonderful story about Burra Nimu, and finally, finish your holiday journey by going to one of the best directories for all things Easter: www.edna.edu.au/edna/go/schooled/pid/1566.

Last week we mentioned that the CTC with the support of the CWCC (Central West Community College) would be in the near future running courses on MS-Excel and MYOB, however these are not the only courses which the CTC and the CWCC are hoping to offer. If there is sufficient interest (min 8 people per course), we are looking at providing the following;

  • IT for Farmers (Increase your IT skills and maximise your business efficiency and effectiveness, including word-processing, spreadsheets and effective use of the Internet. Learn how to track rainfall, follow stock prices etc.),
  • Keyboarding (touch-typing),
  • PowerPoint (how to create creative and effective presentations),
  • Word-processing (Learn how to create and modify documents and learn tips to make it easier)
  • First Aid (1 day workshop).

If you would like to attend one or more of these courses please contact the CTC to register your interest and contact details, and we will be in touch to confirm dates and times.

Last week we had a local community member whose Notebook computer would not install Windows Updates. It would update everything else including McAfee Security Suite. It would however download the Windows Updates, but not install them. So, one of our very competent volunteers contacted Microsoft and a very polite gentleman who fully understood the situation told our volunteer to go to a special Microsoft website and download and install a fix. Once this was done the Window Updates installed (well done Microsoft, well done Maree). The fix in this instance was a piece of software which had to download and install as soon as possible, because it had a limited shelf-life. Once again, this demonstrates to what extent the CTC will go to when solving various IT problems that may confront our local community members.

Many people when confronted with a computer error or a software problem will “Google” (if they still have access to the Internet) to see if there is a fix, however they are not always successful. This does not mean there is no fix, it might mean, they have not used the right words to describe the problem. That said, one of the best sites to go to for help, and remember there are many, is PC Hell (www.pchell.com). But, be warned, if you are not 110% confident DO NOT apply any fixes, seek help. Applying the wrong fix can cause even more problems.

Oberon CTC at 48 Ross Street Tel: 6336-0666 Fax: 6336-2255

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