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Print Screen March 19, 2008

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  • Over the past few months we have given you some extremely good tips on how to use the various short-cut keys on your keyboard, but now, we would like to tell you about the best one of all i.e. how to use the PrtScrn (Print Screen) key. his tip has been know to educators and trainers for some time, but few people have been shown just how easy it is to use the PrtScrn key in combination with a word-processor like MS-Word or OpenOffice-Writer to produce good quality tutorials.  tutorial can be a single page, or a multi-page document that incorporates images and text that shows precisely how a particular computer related procedure is accomplished.
  • Please remember when you press the PrtScrn key nothing will appear or happen until you use “paste” to import what you have captured into your word-processor.
  • Another thing to remember is that the PrtScrn key can be used in two ways and this is where all the magic is; first, by just pressing the PrtScrn key you will capture everything that appears on the computer monitor i.e. the desktop.
  •  Second, if you hold down the “Alt” key and then press the “PrtScrn” key you will only capture the active window.
  • Try this test; press the PrtScrn key while you have no-programs open or active (i.e. an empty desktop with only icons showing) and then open your word-processor and right click on the open page and press “paste” and you will have an exact copy or image of the your computer’s desktop.
  • Second test, leaving your word-processor program showing open “Control Panel” then hold down the “Alt” key and press the “PrtScrn” key and this time when you paste the captured image into your word-processor you will have just the image of the Control Panel with all its icons displayed.
  • These are the two most important functions of the PrtScrn key i.e. to capture and image of the complete desktop or just the active window and by using this technique along with a few instructions (words) anyone can now produce good quality tutorials, which they can printout or email to others.
  • Also, the images which you have captured by this method can be transferred to an image editor and converted to another format like a jpeg (jpg) thus reducing their size for emailing.
  • Now, if this all sounds a little complicated and you would like know more about this procedure, just come along to any one of our weekly computer sessions (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons) and we will give you some further help.    
  • Now, for the most important and most helpful feature of the PrtScrn key!
  • If you ever happen to get an error message popping-up on your computer, that leaves you feeling a little confused, just hold simply down the “Alt” key and pressed the “PrtScrn” key to capture a copy (image) of the error message.
  • This information can be extremely useful when conveyed (verbally or by email) to the appropriate technical support people when seeking a solution. 

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