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March 2008 Statistics April 23, 2008

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  • March 2008 was an extremely busy month for the CTC with over 277 users requiring our services.
  • Like we have stated before, a CTC Users doesn’t always correlate to number of people, if the CTC is booked by an outside group – they are counted as 1 user.
  • Key users of the CTC services during March 2008 were Bathurst Employment, Central West Community College, Highland Pines and Oberon Council.
  • In addition, we also hired-out our Data Projector and Video Camera, delivered a number of one-on-one tutorials, serviced and updated an increasing number of computers that had software problems through the use of our high speed Internet connection, as well as, delivering our regular tutorial sessions each week i.e. Mondays its Family History, Tuesdays and Wednesdays its Computer Basics and Thursdays its Computer Concepts. 
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