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Internet Commerce! June 11, 2008

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  • The Internet has definitely changed the way many of us do business both in a private and commercial sense, but there are some big pitfalls.
  • For example, some of the products, which we now can obtain from anywhere in the world, may not be all they are claimed, and this we might not discover, until they arrive at our doorstep.
  • The cost of these transactions can be more then just moratory.
  • The products may be counterfeit or crude copies and you as the purchaser, downloader or importer, can find yourself slapped with a fine or worst (imprisonment) and the goods confiscated. So, be careful, do your research.

At the moment, the illegal downloading of music is a major concern for the Music Industry and for artists, writers, producers and their support staff, as it is limiting their ability to develop and maintain their careers in music.

This subject was covered by the SBS Insight program on 3 June. Also, when High-Speed Broadband becomes a reality, we could see the Motion Picture Industry and TV come under the same pressure as the Music Industry is now experiencing.

This is akin to the problem Internet Radio is having with music royalties and why its widespread adoption has been muted.

From Zdnet News: The Federal Government has launched a new security alert service for small business and home Internet users, aimed at helping Australians protect themselves from Cyber-attacks. The service has already attracted approval from some quarters. “This is certainly a much better initiative than NetAlert… I can say that without question,” said James Turner, security analyst with research firm IBRS. Access to this new website is free, simply go to; (www.staysmartonline.gov.au).

The CTC is in the process of producing the second edition of its popular; Home & Small Office Guide to PC Security & Good Housekeeping Booklet, and this time, we have include a large number of coloured illustrations (images) which will help readers understand more fully what might be the best software solution for their needs. The price for the new 16 page booklet is still only $5, and it should be available around the end of July 2008. If you happen to have purchased a copy within the last month just bring it back when the new edition is released and we will exchange it for you, free-of-charge.

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