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Commercial software and its ‘free’ rivals October 1, 2008

Posted by ctcoberon in Uncategorized.
  • Over the past few years several notable pieces of software (i.e. programs) have been developed, which are just as efficient as their commercial rivals, but which are less demanding on your computer’s resources.
  • For example, Adobe Reader is one of the most popular (free) commercial programs that many of us have on our computers, but it’s a 30MB download.
  • The alternative is “Foxit Reader for Windows” at 3MB (www.foxitsoftware.com).
  •  Likewise, Apple QuickTime is a 60MB download, however if you have an iPod you will most likely require iTunes + QuickTime which is a 75MB download.
  • But, the alternative to QuickTime itself is “QuickTime Alternative” at around 11MB.
  •  There are also other alternatives to other programs like RealPlayer, DivX and they can be found at:(www.free-codecs.com).
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