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Reorganised! December 8, 2008

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We have made some changes at the CTC – we now have twelve (12) computers in our Computer Training Room; Ten (10) running Windows Vista Ultimate (SP1), one (1) running Windows XP Professional (SP3) and one (1) running Open SUSE Linux (V11) and all connected to the Internet. Because so many people today still use Windows XP is was almost mandatory we have such a system available and to assist those who do classes this computer has a 21” monitor for easy viewing. As for the OpenSUSE Linux computer this was decided upon because many who wish to upgrade can not afford to change to Windows Vista and this allows us to show people what alternatives are available.

Currently, we are conducting a beginner’s course on digital photography and in doing so we have provided those attending with a variety of options when it comes to choosing which software to use. For example, running on several Windows Vista computers we have Google’s Picasa3, Microsoft’s Paint.NET and the GIMP. On the Windows XP computer we have Microsoft’s Photo Story 3 and on the OpenSUSE Linux computer we have DigiKam album software. What we have successfully done there is to show our students that the standards (image formats) i.e. jpg, tiff and RAW are universal to all operating systems no matter how they are manipulated or enhanced. The example images we have chosen in all instances are the Born Free suite of land and sea animals. 

Blu-ray writers are the next big thing for computers now that prices have stated to become more reasonable. Today, you can purchase a Blu-ray writer (LG GGW-H20L) for a little as $287 which can read and write to CDs, DVDs and BDs, as well as, being able to read HD-DVDs. Remember, it was not that long ago the asking price was well over $1,000, but now it appears it will not be long before Blu-ray writers replace DVD writers completely, both in home entertainment systems and computers. 

More tech news, USB Flash Drives now has reached the 32GB capacity. Like with most technology, USB Flash Drives when they were initially released a small 128MB unit were around $150, but today you can purchase a 1GB (1,000MB) for as little as $10. However, when it comes to permit storage of your important data you should be looking at external hard-drives and or CDs or DVDs. Presently, you can purchase a 160GB external hard drive for around $89 and in some instances you can do even better (price-wise) on larger capacity drives. Also, the cost for CD-Rs and DVD-Rs have fallen for example, the units which come with a white backing which allows you to print directly on to them using and inkjet printer have fallen to around $0.35 for the CD-R and to $0.45 for DVD-R in spindles of 50. 

BE WARNED: These prices will not last – most of the product which are now in retail stores were purchased and imported when the Australian Dollar was around $0.95 to the US Dollar.

Why has Morro got some software vendors off-side? Morro is the codename given by Microsoft to their new free security software suite to be released in the second half 2009. Its will provide a comprehensive protection from malware including Viruses, Spyware, Rootkits and Trojans. And because of this move Microsoft will discontinue retail sales of its Windows Live OneCare subscription service effective June 30, 2009.

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