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Satellite A Good Choice! December 8, 2008

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Many Internet users today are still using Dial-up because they believe that there is no other alternative except for Satellite, which they believe is too expensive – wrong! A satellite Internet service today is as good as ADSL both from a speed and pricing point of view. For example, if you were to go to www.ipstar.com.au one of the largest Internet satellite providers in the Asian and Oceania and click on the heading “Where to get IPSTAR?” you will see a list of all their Australian distributors i.e. Westnet, Activ8me, Sky-Mesh Westvic Broadband, Aussie Broadband and Broadband Wireless – all of whom are approved providers under the Australian Government Broadband Guarantee Subsidy Program. This means, once you qualify, you will get a satellite dish installed and connected to your computer free-of-charge. Your only cost will be for the plan you choose. IPStar also have other distributor like; DCSI, Hale Net, Clear Networks and BlueMAXX who offer similar Internet Satellite Services (i.e. plans), but not under the Australian Broadband Guarantee Subsidy Program. 

As for pricing using Aussie Broadband as an example – you can initially get a 256/64kbps (500MB on-peak/500MB off-peak) service for as little as $9.95 for the first six months going to $19.95/month or a 512/128kbps (1GB on-peak/1GB off-peak) service for $16.95 for the first six months going to $34.95/month. As with other IPStar distributors they can also offer faster plans which you can avail yourself of if and when you so require. For example, Activ8me have a range of 2048/512kbps plans starting at $115.95/month. But, best of all most satellite providers do not have any “lock-in contracts” meaning you can charge your provider or your service with just a month’s notice plus, there is no excess Data-Charges only a reduction in speed if you go over your allotted monthly allowance. Please note, plans and pricing outlined in this article were correct at the time of writing.  

Remember, one satellite provider might offer a good deal for specific plan whereas another provider might offer a more attractive plan with a higher speed, so before you committee – do your research, decide on the plan that will best suite you and then see which of the above listed providers offers the best price. In addition, check with you local retailer (like in Oberon, Oberon Video & Disc) to see what services (ADSL, ADSL2, Satellite or Wireless) are now available or are coming to your area – depending upon your working or home environment or both one service might be more advantageous than another.

A special thanks must go to IPStar for the excellent interim service they have provided to all ex-Gobush/LISP satellite customers over the past month or more and for the opportunity now to go with another one of their distributors or to join the IPStar service direct. Please note: this IPStar direct service is only for ex-Gobush/LISP customers – it is not available to the general public.

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