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A New Year! January 30, 2009

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This year is going to be a big year for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) despite the Global Recession. We are going to see the much awaited release of Windows 7, hopefully before Christmas. And because of its improved security and its ability to access more than 4GB of memory, more specialised businesses will be opting for the 64bit version especially those who are involved in computer aided design (CAD). Plus, we will see more LCD touch-screens coming on to the market because of the inbuilt support offered by Windows 7.

The next big thing will be SSD’s (Solid State Drives). Even as I write this article bigger and bigger capacity SSD’s are coming onto the market and prices are starting to drop, but they still have a long way to go before they are affordable. Also this year, we will see more computers utilising the new DDR3 RAM (Random Access Memory), especially those, which have the more expensive Intel Quad-Core i7 CPU installed. RRP prices for the Core i7 are; Core i7-920 $617, Core i7-940 $1,088 & Core i7-960 $2,154. Later this year or early next expect to see a new range of Dual-Core i7 and Eight-Core i7 CPUs.     

Other areas which we will see growth in are;

1) Virtualisation – it is estimated that already 50% or more servers are virtual servers.

2) Cloud Computing – this is a way that many small to medium size businesses can reduce their dependency and cost when it comes to software, but be warned there are pitfalls.

3) Netbooks – are set to dominate the market, but before you part with your money be sure you are buying for the right reasons, and not just on price, they do have limitations.

4) Open Source Software – free programs and operating systems (i.e. Linux) are now starting to capture the interest of many Corporates’. And yes, price is a big factor, but money must still be set aside for training.

5) Online Social Networking – business are now using these websites to deliver information about their company, goals, products, services and recruitment.

Now, here’s one for you geeks, LG has or is about to release, its new 3G mobile phone watch with video calling, which means all you Dick Tracy fans can now rejoice.             

Many astute people today know how important it is to protect their computers from malware (i.e. viruses, worms, Trojans, Rootkit sect.), but do they know it is also important to have all other programs patched and old or expired programs removed. Unpatched programs or expired programs can give “Hackers” the means by which they can infect a computer. Introducing the Secunia Personal Software Inspector i.e. Secunia PSI. This very clever program, not only does it lists which programs need patching and which have expired, it also helps users to obtain patches. And best of all its FREE – free for home-users. The Secunia PSI, once installed, runs continuously in the background ready to advice users when a program needs patching. WARNING: Please read the manual and make sure you FULLY understand what is required before you install the Secunia PSI.

The CTC weekly classes; The Tuesday afternoon classes with Maree Arrow will re-commence on 3 February 2009. However, our Wednesday and Thursday afternoon classes with Julie Stott and yours truly, have already commenced. If you wish to attend one or more of these classes, the good news is, we still have a few vacancies. For more information about all the happenings at your CTC, please visit our website (www.ctcoberon.wordpress.com).

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