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Software Catergories January 30, 2009

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Software comes in several categories i.e. Commercial or proprietary, Open-source, Freeware, Cloud or SAAS and unfortunately Scareware. 

Commercial or Proprietary Software is software which you can purchase either online or in person from a retail outlet like Harvey Normans etc, that has been produced by an individual or company and who’s Intellectual Copyright is protected by Law i.e. Microsoft Office.

Open Source Software is produced by professional developers (individuals and companies) who make their work (software) available mainly to home users, and in some instances to businesses, for FREE. But, with the legal understanding that if it is enhance in any way that too must also be freely distributed without any legal ownership over the enhancement.

Freeware or Free Software is a little different in that it is distributed for FREE under the “use as is” principle meaning you cannot modify, enhance or improve it in any way without the expressed permission of the developer, as it too is protected by Intellectual Copyright Laws.   

Cloud Software is very similar to Freeware in that it too is distributed under the “use as is” principle with Intellectual Copyright protection. However, cloud software is mainly web-based software, which you can freely use online i.e. Google’s Gmail. However, there are some exceptions, like Windows Live Mail and other programs, which you can download and install onto your computer.

SAAS (software as a service) is a commercial copyright protected monthly or yearly subscription service mainly targeted at businesses who given access to specific software via the Internet, and in some cases, the software can be downloaded and installed onto their computers.  

SCAREWARE is a “not-so-nice” category of software, which is starting to become more and more of a nuisance and it has trapped over a million consumers world-wide. Scareware has many names, Advanced Antivirus, Antivirus 2009, Smart Antivirus 2009, Antivirus XP, WinFixer, WinAntivirus, DriveCleaner, ErrorSafe, Ultimate Antivirus 2009, XPert Antivirus etc. Users will come across this fake security software when surfing the Internet usually in the form of a false warning message telling them their computer’s security needs updating because various infection have been found and suggesting they “click here” to install the updates and remove the infections.

DO NOT fall for this scam!

DO NOT install this software!

Close the offending site and DO NOT go back!

If you have good reliable security software installed, and it’s kept up-to-date, along with all the latest patches from Microsoft and other vendors (i.e. Adobe, Mozilla etc.) installed, your computer is protected. If unintentional installed, this Scareware will launch fake warning pop-ups telling users to update their antivirus software by purchasing the fake software for US$50 or more. The good news is Microsoft and other Software Producers are now starting to successfully prosecute these scammers.

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