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Google Docs February 25, 2009

Posted by ctcoberon in Uncategorized.

Over the past few weeks I have been evaluating the free web-based alternatives to the commercial office suite i.e. Google Docs and Microsoft Office Live Add-in, both of which are still in beta (meaning they can contain bugs and or errors).

At this time my recommendation is Google Docs. Google Docs does not require you to have specific software installed on your computer unlike Microsoft Office Live Add-in, which suggests you have Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office Live Add-in 1.3 (493KB) and Microsoft Office Live Add-in Patches (297KB). Also, in my case I had to install the very large “Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office System” because I’m running Microsoft Office XP Professional. This shows Microsoft has not excluded users of earlier versions of Microsoft Office from using Microsoft Office Live Add-in.

However, no matter which application you choose i.e. Google Docs or Microsoft Office Live Add-in you will need to create either a Google Account or a Microsoft Live ID. But, once you have you can access other applications from these vendors like Google Gmail or Microsoft Live Hotmail. If you are already a Gmail or a Live Hotmail user you already have the necessary means (i.e. Account or ID and password) to access and use their other applications.

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