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Scammer Warning February 25, 2009

Posted by ctcoberon in Uncategorized.

Today scammers are getting smarter and smarter at deceiving people when they are online. For example, telling users (via a pop-up) that their computer is infected and that they should immediately scan their computer to remove the infections by “clicking here”. The number of people who are falling for this type of scam is still on the increase? Even people who have excellent security prevention in place on their computer simple panic and “click here” without thinking, and by doing so, they immediately compromise and infect their own computer.

If you do get a warning, like the type we have mention when on the Internet, simple log-off and run a scan using the security software on your computer. The most likely outcome will be “No infections found”. What was infected was the website you were visiting. The types of websites that carry these infections are websites that offer cheese-cake images, pirated music and or pirated films. Also, some social networking sites are prone to infections. So, be careful, be alert and do not allow yourself to be panicked into doing something you will regret.

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