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Computer Termology April 8, 2009

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New computer users ever wondered what some of the various computer or Internet concepts or terminology actually meant and how to use them? If so, here are a couple of examples (educational videos) which might help you better understand what they are and how they are used.

  1. Podcasting and how it’s different from broadcasting (www.commoncraft.com/podcasting).
  2. Blogs in Plain English – how they work and why they matter (www.commoncraft.com/blogs).
  3. Phishing – a short guide to recognising and avoiding phishing scams (www.commoncraft.com/phishing).
  4. Web Searches – how get more from your web searches (www.commoncraft.com/web-search-strategies).
  5. Computer hardware: a basic understanding focusing on the hard-drive, memory and the Processor and how they all work (www.commoncraft.com/computer-hardware). 
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