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Next 3G Service in Oberon April 8, 2009

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As some readers may know, Oberon still has a few of black-spots when it comes to receiving the Telstra Next 3G service, and in most cases, the only time you will discover that you are in one of these black-spots is after you have purchased your new wireless device. But, not now!

The Oberon CTC has a new mobile phone hiring service for those who wish to test the availability or otherwise of the Telstra Next 3G service in their area. The cost of hiring one of our two Telstra Next 3G Mobile Phones is $5/day, plus a security deposit, plus phone calls.

The other day we helped a local community member set-up their new Optus pre-paid wireless modem and to our surprise the service which we were getting at the CTC was equivalent to 1.5Mps (1,500kbps) or better. So, if you are after a good reliable “Wireless Internet Service” our experience has now shown both the Telstra and Optus wireless USB modems are good options, and both, are available form Oberon Video & Disc.

The reason why we were surprised was because most respected IT writers gave the thumbs-up to the Telstra service/USB modem and the thumbs-down to the Optus service/USB modem, but at the CTC we found both worked equally as well.

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