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National Broadband Network (NBN)! May 13, 2009

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  • The opportunities and or ramifications a NBN will deliver, if and when it is implemented, are only now being understood. For example, businesses like Video Hire companies, Movie Theatres, Paid and Free-to-air TV operators, Telecommunications companies and many others including libraries will all see major changes to the way they conduct business. One could go a step further and say that the way they all do business today, is not the way they will be doing business tomorrow.
  • Also, once the NBN is up and running we could see more of a global influence coming into play. Today, many people are already downloading and watching TV shows and movies from overseas websites, and if the big entertainment studios, decide they too will go global, because countries like Australia have the means to download and view their products, we could see big changes and a big impact on our own small (small by world standards) entertainment industry.
  • However, just as important, the ubiquitous TV is set to change! In the not too distant future, the “standard” digital TV will come with an Ethernet port, which will allow it to receive not only firmware upgrades, but more excitingly, it will be able to access IPTV (i.e. Internet TV). Other possibilities could be video conferencing or video phone calls and yes the Internet, all from the comfort of your lounge on a large wide screen display.
  • As for the locate Library, it could see their client base expand with the uptake of the e-book. A library could provide clients access to a whole new library of e-books via the Internet, either as a one-off service or as a subscription service. This type of service would be especially convenient for people (clients) who are house bound through illness.
  • So, what does this mean for the Oberon CTC? Answer, more work, more studying! Currently, the CTC provides the community (and visitors) will help and guidance in understanding how to use various computer programs, security software, hardware, communications (i.e. Skype, VoIP) and entertainment devices.
  • So far this year, the CTC has already conducted several workshops on: How to get the best from your Mobile Phone, How to set-up and program a Digital TV Set-Top Box and a two workshops on Digital Photography for Beginners.
  • Plus, the CTC have also cleaned a number of infected PC, preformed several clean-installs, showed how various devices interface and communicate with computers. And, when it comes to business, the CTC has shown others how best to use programs like WordPress to advertise and promote a business. But, their biggest call is for (accredited and non-accredited) courses for business in using programs like: Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and MYOB conduct by TAFE.
  • When it comes to Digital Photography workshops, the CTC offers two completely different courses, one for beginners (conducted by myself), and one for the more advanced users (normally conducted by Doug Broker and friends).
  • But, the CTC’s most popular classes are its weekly afternoon classes where anyone can come along and learn about “Everything ICT” (computers, Internet, email, software gadgets etc.) for the princely sum of $5/2hours.
  • So, it you think today’s technology is a little hard to understand, just wait until the NBN becomes a reality, the culture shock could be huge for us all.
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