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PC Security can be a Health Hazard! May 13, 2009

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  • PC Security is the key function that all PC users should understand and apply so that they and others can be safe when using their computers.
  • From the American PC Magazine (www.pcmag.com) comes a story that tells what can go wrong if PC Security is neglected. “A San Jose Mercury News news report says that over 300 hospital devices, including MRI systems, were infected with the Conficker worm and attacking other devices on the network. It’s surprising at first to hear of hospital technical equipment running Windows, but it’s quite common. Walk around a hospital and you’ll will see lots of Windows-based devices.
  • One actually surprising claim in the story is a claim attributed to a device manufacturer that the FDA requires 90 days notice before applying software patches, such as the patch issued by Microsoft in October that would block the vulnerability exploited by Conficker. Even if true, it doesn’t seem to be the problem here; the patch was issued in October, 90 days after which is January. The story states that the infected machines were found by outside researchers in March.
  • On top of that, the infection strongly indicates a lack of proper network security at the hospital. Good firewall configuration on the device could have blocked the attach, for example, and it’s clear that users were allowed to bring unprotected outside systems, probably some notebook computers, onto the same network as the MRI. There’s a lot of blame to go around here”.
  • This why the CTC has strict controls on what can be connected to its network (under supervision), and why the CTC management does not allow anyone the right to install software onto its computers. Any attempt to do so will result in that person or persons, being asked to leave the CTC immediately.
  • PC Security is a global problem and unfortunately there is no unified global policing of the Internet. When international co-operation is required, in some instances, the sovereign laws of countries do not provide for quick and decisive action. Hence, the criminal or criminal organisation can more quickly move to another country or region before the laws can be activated against them. So, do we need an Internet Interpol to go after these global criminals? Some people like Eugene Kaspersky (CEO of Russia’s Anti-Virus company Kaspersky Labs) believe we do, and he could be right!
  • Rumour or fact! An unidentified Acer America representative has been reports saying the new Windows 7 operating system will be launched on 23 October 2009.
  • Plasma or LCD! It now appears Plasma is loosing ground to its main rival LCD and many within the industry are predicting that soon there will be one less manufacturer of Plasma TVs. Is this a good thing or not? It all depends where manufacturers are heading. Are they producing LCD TVs because it is cheaper to do so or is LCD technology improving more and more or are they putting more in to research i.e. Laser and OLED TVs? Both of these new technologies are still sometime away from becoming a commercial reality, and therefore, when it comes to choosing a modern TV we can still choose between plasma and LCD, but maybe not for long?
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