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Apple Mac, Linux and viruses May 27, 2009

Posted by ctcoberon in Uncategorized.
  • It has been touted for sometime that Apple Mac computers and Linux were not affected by viruses and other malicious infections like Microsoft Windows.
  • Even if this was true, today producers of these products are no longer taking chances with McAfee now developing security products for Apple’s popular iPhone and Mac computers.
  • Linux has always had available a whole range of security products, which producers are now incorporating in to the software as standard.
  • So, one now wonders if the likes of Apple and Linux are enhancing their products this way will they too reap the wrath of the EU commission or is it only Microsoft they have issues with?

I have for sometime championed Linux while using both (Linux and Windows) operating systems, and as such, I could never understand why the EU Commission has taken such a dislike against Microsoft when they improve and enhance their software. In many industries governments pass laws which forces companies (like the motor car industry) to improve their products, but when it comes to software there appears to be a different set of rules altogether?

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