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XP Password Recovery! July 8, 2009

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  • Last week we received the following message; “The lady in the office is having trouble with her computer, the ex-office person put an Administrator Password on the computer and she doesn’t know what it is!  Is there anyway of getting in there and changing it without knowing the present password?”
  • Initially we answer, no! But, we relented and gave the solution. As you will see this method of recovering the Administrator Password for a Windows XP system is not difficult, however the legal penalties can be severe if you try breaking into other people’s computers.   


  • For this, you’ll need the XP installation disk. Once the CD boots, press ‘Enter’ to set up Windows. Press F8 to accept the licence agreement and then select the option to preform a repair on your XP installation. The software will then check your disks and copy the files that it needs for the repair. Shortly afterwards, the machine will reboot. The process resumes automatically. Keep watching the process of the repair, and when it says ‘Installing Devices’ hold down the Shift key and press F10. A command line window will now open. At the prompt, enter the command ‘NUSRMGR.CPL”. This will open the standard Account Management window.
  • You can now reset the Administrator’s password. Once done, close the Account Management window and the command line, and continue with the repair (remembering to have your XP product key handy). Once it’s complete, you can log in with the new Administrator Password. You must let the repair finish, or Windows will roll the changed password back to the original.
  • We hesitated about writing this method, but because it was covered in the January 2009 issue of Australian Personal Computer (page 83) and on the Internet: (http://pubs.logicalexpressions.com/pub0009/LPMArticle.asp?ID=305) we preceded in the hope it could help others in a similar situation to our writer.
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