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Building a Website using WordPress September 23, 2009

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If you are looking to build a professional easy to manage website then you may want to consider using WordPress. WordPress offers many advantages when compared to the traditional such as:

  •  Hundreds of free professional templates
  • Templates are easily customised
  • Content and Layout are completely separated
  • Easy to manage
  • Content creation and management done using a web browser by you
  • Look and feel easy to change.
  • Easy to add extra functionality like voting, contact forms, sitemaps using plugins.

WordPress is open source Content management software that is normally used as a blogging platform. However recent changes have made it easy to configure it to look like a standard website.

 The advantage of using it is that it makes building and modifying a website very easy as compared with standard building techniques. In addition no expensive web editing tools like Dreamweaver or FrontPage are required.

 This is important as once the site is up and running the site owner can add/modify pages without requiring expensive web editing software and, of course, the knowledge to use it.

 Visit www.wordpress.com and sign up and start creating your website. If the website is hosted on wordpress.com then it is FREE.

 Some examples of websites created using WordPress are:

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