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Food, Food, Food October 13, 2009

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A smart way of spending your money on food to balance your diet and your food budget – FOODcents aims to teach people how to get value for money and achieve a balanced diet. The FOODcents model recommends spending money across the food groups in set proportions, spending the most on fruits, vegetables and plain cereal foods. Spending with FOODcents ensures that most money is spent on the foods we should eat most of and least being spent on the foods we should eat least. Visit http://www.foodcentsprogram.com.au/  for more information, recipes, how to Eat Smart and how to Shop Smart.

The Oberon Council has a FREE online Food Handling Course, which can be used to help obtain employment in the hospitality area and also assist in voluntary work in school canteen, meals on wheels etc.”  Visit http://www.oberon.nsw.gov.au/environment.html  and click on the Food and Health link. The training program is a self paced user friendly program covering all aspects of food premises safety and is recommended for all persons working in food premises.

Some interesting sites when you are looking for that particular recipe are http://www.taste.com.au/  – which brings together Australia’s leading food magazines in one essential website. Their aim is to make it easy for you to find inspiration or the recipe you want to make a great tasting meal and http://www.oldaussierecipes.com/  – Old Australian food recipes, cooking and delicious meals the old time way in Australia.

You are quite welcome at your local CTC (48 Ross St – we share with the Visitor Information Centre) for all your online needs. We have a high speed internet connection, up to date computers, friendly staff and a quiet atmosphere. Please contact the CTC on 6329-8210 for any online course needs, in-house courses and computer maintenance. Please visit our website www.ctcoberon.wordpress.com for more information.

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