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Vale Ron Lardner November 4, 2009

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  • Before Ron moved to Oberon, his jobs involved plenty of international travel, conferences, business entertaining and the like, but while in Oberon, there were far fewer social appearances, the Council and Duckmaloi Volunteer Bushfire Christmas parties were among the few he attended.
  • When Ron and Veronica moved in to Ponderosa, Ron embraced this new life with his usual enthusiasm and attacked the new situation with his normal intelligence and analytical approach eg – several in depth conversations with locals on the best implement to kill or relocate snakes.
  • Ron (and Veronica) were always welcoming and their insistence on a cuppa or a beer with any and all helpers around the house made everyone feel comfortable – even though the job time might be doubled!.
  • Ron had been a volunteer for the Oberon CTC since before the centre first opened it doors.
  • Ron helped put the submission together that succeeded in Oberon gaining a CTC, he was around to help arrange the opening and maintain the community’s interest in the CTC.
  • As many people would know, Ron has assisted a lot of locals with their computer issues and training whether they were experienced or novice computer users.
  • Ron is well known in the community as ‘that guy that can tweak my computer and show me how to keep up to date’ – which he did with the minimum of fuss and always with a smile.
  • Ron ran one of the most popular courses at the CTC – digital photography, the waiting list started building for his next course before he had finished the current one!
  • As well as digital photography, Ron ran courses on computer security and maintaining your computer.
  • Every Thursday afternoon the Advanced Computer Users group met at the CTC. Ron had co-ordinated this group from the outset.
  • The group covered the whole range of activities from installing a graphics card to using the latest release of various software.
  • The Oberon CTC also has a weekly column in the Oberon Review which, for the last 5 years, Ron has composed.
  • Ron also prepared and published a booklet called PC Users Guide – which the CTC distributed at cost to local community members.
  • Ron kept the CTC “humming along” and we really appreciated the significant time that he put into the centre – all on a voluntary basis.
  •  He will be sadly missed by all. Our thoughts and condolences are with Veronica and her family and Ron’s family.
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