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Buying Books Online May 5, 2010

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Shopping online convenient — you don’t even have to leave your seat! Shopfronts and staff cost money, and so businesses that operate online can reduce costs — savings which are often passed onto 
the consumer. Safe online shopping is all about doing your homework. If you’ve never shopped online, start with recommendations from family and friends, and always try to find out as much as possible about the company before you hand over your credit card details.

If something goes wrong with your purchase, the more information you have, the better off you’ll be. Look for the business’ street address, phone number and ABN (Australian Business Number) if it’s a local site. This tells you it’s a bona fide business.  By checking an online shop’s terms and conditions, privacy policy, complaints procedures, and whether or not it has a secure checkout, you can minimise the risks of online shopping.

See the Choice  website for extra details on shopping online at http://tinyurl.com/2bze57n  for a direct link to the Choice article.

 Make sure you ask the following questions when buying online.

  1. Who am I dealing with?
  2. How much is it going to cost me?
  3. What am I buying?
  4. Is there stock available?
  5. What delivery methods are available? Are there different options for delivery methods and prices? Will they deliver to my country?
  6. You should be provided with information about options and prices for different delivery methods.
  7. How do I know when I’ve confirmed my order?
  8. How can I pay for my purchase?
  9. What personal information are they asking for? What will they do with it?
  10. Where can I complain if something goes wrong?
  11. How long will it take to get my goods?
  12. I’ve got my goods, now what?
  13. When do I pay?
  14. What if I don’t like the product or it’s faulty?
  15. How much is it going to cost to return goods?
  16. Can I get a refund?
  17. Most of the time, there should be no problems obtaining a refund. It should be just like regular shopping, provided you have the physical address of the trader. It’s a lot harder to chase up a virtual shop through Consumer Affairs. There are also some legal questions which may make getting a refund more complicated if you shop overseas.

Some online websites to buy books are

Seek Books – http://www.seekbooks.com.au/, Angus and Robertson – http://www.angusrobertson.com.au/ , Dymocks – http://www.dymocks.com.au/ , Fish Pond – http://www.fishpond.com.au/,  ABC Bookshop – http://shop.abc.net.au/  and of course Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/

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