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Visit to the Oberon CTC by students from Wollongong University. September 1, 2010

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 A team of research students visited the Oberon CTC to offer assistance in setting up some public domain software as well as conducting a survey of CTCs in NSW.

Peter Hyland is an Associate Professor at the School of IT and Computer Science at the University of Wollongong, Australia. The students were his research students.

Mr Hai Tri Le is an IT specialist from Vietnam that is working on an open source content management system that allows groups to have a community portal in their local town, each group in the community can ‘own’ their section.

Dr Peddy Wech-o-sotsukda (who is  from Thailand) and Peter are  developing open source software for an internet cafe setup. This software allows the centre to give visitors a card and/or access to the computers on a prepaid setup. It can also calculate how long they have been logged in and then we can charge them.

Mr Malatsi Galani is from Botswana,  he is doing a research project on CTCs and the community. He interviewed the staff at the CTC, asked lots of questions, took lots of photos and left a wad of surveys asked us to get CTC users to complete them – so if you visit the CTC in the next 2 week, you may be asked to complete a survey!

Julie Stott,  Dr Peddy Wech-o-sotsukda, Professor Peter Hyland, Mr Hai Tri Le, Dr Malatsi Galani, Sharyn Gibbs

You are quite welcome at your local CTC (48 Ross St – we share with the Visitor Information Centre) for all your online needs. We have a high speed internet connection, up to date computers, friendly staff and a quiet atmosphere. Please contact the CTC on 6329-8210 for any online course needs, in-house courses and computer maintenance. Please visit our website www.ctcoberon.wordpress.com  for more information

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